talking out loud

these early days feels like talking out loud, maybe to myself.  

as forage collective takes shape, evolves and grows i hope there will be more and more pieces that resonate with each of you.  

i am working to find a way to capture and articulate my view on value foraging and finding what fits well within one's live.  each of us is assembling a puzzle composed of the pieces we have gathered into our lives. the people we love, provisions for our basic needs, our careers, our families, our hobbies and passions; we all have some version of these pieces.  some of us have the same pieces, but sometimes of different sizes and sometimes they are completely different from those of others.  the idea is that there is an abundance of resources for each of those pieces and way to assemble provisions and goods in a manner that supports our local community, encourages our personal sense of contribution and connection, and enriches our lives and our homes.

my passion is for this conversation.  please join in and know you will be welcomed. 

more to come.....   

with love - nicole

Nicole Gillies