like water for chocolate

it was the first time anyone had really asked me to be curious about way in which we give "things" life.  i was sitting on the floor of my (then) therapists office talking about cooking and the high value i place on well prepared, clean food.  she offered that the way i was speaking reminded her of the book, which was made into a movie, "like water for chocolate", suggesting that the mood or energy i was resting in with my heart and mind made its way into the food i was making.  

the concept that was i adding more to the food than preparation, spices and heat for cooking was a shift for me.  the suggestion that i was somehow adding "life".  by that time i had a kiddo and was paying attention to organics, ingredients, my water intake and the likes, but i had not considered the life i was giving what i touched.  our food, our clothes, the household textiles, all of these things were full of our life.  

years have passed since that moment and i have steadily become more curious about how these things are made, and by who.  i found a sweet spot, that continues to evolve, where i feel empowered with the purchases i make and can see the impact of contributing to local economy and supporting artisans and makers.  we have a hodgepodge collection of vintage, ikea, d.i.y., hand-me-downs, locally purchased pieces and sidewalk scores.  my closet is a mix as well.  while i am super passionate about sustainability, i am equally passionate about practicality and approachability.  

at the end of the day, it is about the life we give the things we touch.  let us look to find appreciation for the feel of the these items in our hands and in our homes.  let us nurture and tend to what have and find a curious mindset when we look to add to our collections.  

with love - nicole


Nicole Gillies